Inventory Control

  • APEX Professional Solutions will make sure that your business maintains enough stock to meet the projected demand while implementing lean process management to help you save as you grow.

How We Support

  • Decide minimum levels of inventories
  • Fight against back-orders
  • Calculate Points-of-No-Return
  • Determine re-order levels
  • Choose a sound inventory control method

Our service includes

  • Upholding an optimal level of inventories
  • Reviewing the procurement process while considering the wait-time, lead-time etc.
  • Periodical inspection of inventories
  • Guidance on proper storage methods
  • Efficient tracking records
  • Plans for physical verification of inventory

Inventory Control Methods:

  • ABC analysis
  • Just in time (JIT)
  • Economic order quantity (EOQ)
  • Fast, slow, and non-moving (FSN)