Instrument & Supply Selection

  • Let APEX find economical options for your lab instruments, consumables, & reagents.
  • Our favored relationship status with key vendors allows us to provide better pricing and a secure supply chain to our customers. Our involvement building laboratories enables us to level vendor quotes against industry standards and negotiate beneficial pricing on equipment, consumables, and reagents.

How We Support

  • Avoid excessive expenses
  • Recommend the equipment that is the most cost-effective & best fit for your lab.
  • Coordinate with vendors to give you the best options.
  • Procure discounted rates for laboratory owners on popular equipment brands.
  • Present you with various options on the most cost-effective equipment, with the option to purchase or lease equipment.
  • APEX can help you select a Laboratory Information System (LIS) that will integrate with your instrumentation, as well as Electronic Medical Records (EMR) – both cloud-based and server-based options.