Vendor Pricing & Analysis

  • APEX Professional Solutions will examine your data and convey actionable information to help executives, managers, and employees make informed business decisions.

How We Support

Vendor Analysis:

  • APEX’s vendor analysis implements a process that helps you choose the right suppliers through our overall rating system. We’ll compare different suppliers and create a consistent scorecard to compare vendor’s offerings.

Assess Needs:

  • We consider your needs in terms of quality, cost, and delivery speed.

Identify Vendors:

  • APEX searches for vendors that can supply the required items for your purchasing needs.

Develop Selection Criteria:

  • Competitive pricing is important, but it is not the only selection criterion. After-sales services, vendor capabilities in terms of personnel and facilities and quality assurance certification are some of the other selection criteria we use in our vendor analysis.

Decision-Making Advice:

  • We rank vendors according to the developed set of criteria and compile an executive report used to guide your lab’s managers in their purchasing decisions.